Diva Chinese Cresteds
Elegance, Beauty, and Personality Plus!
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Price ranges;

PET puff boys $450-800

Show prospect puff boys $1200-up

PET puff girls $500-800

Show prospect puff girls $1500 up

PET hairless boys $900-1500

Show prospect hairless boys $1800 up

PET hairless girls $1200-1500

Show prospect hairless girls $2000 up

**Please note that "tiny" babies can be more money, and we do not release them to their new homes until we are sure that they will make the change of scenery comfortably!! Tiny babies will NOT be released before 3-4 months of age, and are NEVER sold with full registration, so please don't ask!

Pet pups are sold on a spay/neuter contract. We cannot "make" you spay or neuter your dog, but registration papers are NOT released until we have written proof from your veterinarian that the surgery is completed, and your health guarantee is null and void after 11 months of age unless the surgery is performed.
At this time we have rescues, puff and hairless baby boys and baby girls available. Scroll down for price ranges. Please note, the youngest pups are at the bottom! 
REDHEADS!! The true hairless is available to a pet home only. The red/white puff boy is really nice, could go to pet, performance, or show. The apricot boy is the same. The tiny cream boy is only available to a pet home.
​Please check back with us for girls. We do have a litter on the way. Please keep in mind that if you neuter boys early enough, they don't demonstrate "doggie" behavior such as lifting their legs. Boys tend to be easier, sweeter, and more people centered.